Majestic Missouri Homestead 80 acres for sale!!

Walking thru the Majestic Missouri woods in Spring with helper Lenora Hazel Zane Smith, my cheerful 3 year old.

The land is full of mysteries and medicinal green plants with spirit glow as the Earth awakens from Winter slumber. The spring calls me further into our walk to discover hidden treasures of the land. The soft healing sound of the water dancing down limestone rocks soothes us both. This spring carries precious clean water down closer to the house.  Feeling embraced by this old Ozark spring holler, our eyes are now open to the plant world around us.

We find old oaks, hickories, and sugar maples telling the story of time in this quiet place that still exist in today’s world. The new growth of the wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa) vine is stunning! The root is traditionally dug and used for it’s hormone balancing effects. It has also been used to sooth rheumatoid like conditions. We also spy Soloman’s seal (Polygonatum biflorum) and false Soloman seal (Maianthemum racemosum) growing together. Similar sisters, but altogether different. Both plant are used in pulmonary issue. It is the true Soloman’s seal that has an amazing effect on muscle spasms. I finally found the Wood betony (Pedicularis canadensis) on this land. Come to find out, it is growing all over these hills! This plant is a powerful pain killer for emergency situations. Wood betony was used in Civil war times in these hills and was known to the Native American tribes of North America.

Seeing the goose berry (Ribes missouriense) shrubs remind me of my grandmother telling stories of goose berry pies and jam. Greeted by the light purple flowering wild geranium (Geranium maculatum), we stop for more photos and to feel the vibe of this land. What is that smell? It is the sweet unique smell of the flowering may apple (Poldophyllum peltatum). This fruit is edible and the root has been used for medicine and may have anti-cancer abilities. Looking further on the Earth’s surface I spy the Wild ginger (Asarum canadense) in flower. The marvelous maroon color with geometric perfection seems to stare back. These flowers are pollinated by certain insects. All living and decomposing organisms have an important role to play in this natural ecosystem.

After talking with The Held Family and walking the land, I know this land is calling out for the perfect new owner. The Helds have made sure to take ultimate care and stewardship of this land. Now is the time to pass it to the next. Don’t miss your chance to walk this land and to see if it calls to you.

Stay tuned for more pics of the upper field and a closer look at the plant life within. Thank you for taking this time to read in this busy world. For more info. on wild edible and medicinal plants near you, e-mail me.

May The Green Light of The Earth live within you today and always! Colleen Smith

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The Path

What is nature’s design?  

The geometric patterns that life gives us seem to be a direct source to the divine. All the ancient patterns that people of the past have imprinted on stone, clay, leather etc. . All these designs that have been beaded, woven, and hand sewn tell a story of life, death and the emotion, thought, strife and journey in between.

Can we read the story of life in a leaf or in the sky?                    


Jamie Zane Smith is constantly working on revealing more of life’s mysteries. Thru ceramic vessels, Jamie deepens his connection with ancestors of his Wyandot Tribe.  Learning old songs, traditions and skills enable him to tap into deep, embedded genetic information inside of himself. We all have this. Can we quiet ourselves enough to learn from it?

Using pottery to tell stories reveals the creators intentions. Jamie has touched many individuals’ hearts. Some may not know why they are drawn in by a particular piece of art. The designs come from life, something we are all experiencing at the present moment. We are naturally drawn to life’s pattern because we are a part of it. Processing his own clay and paints and forming tiny coils to make ancient style vessels allows Jamie to give up time and focus on the present moment. Many people are using forms of meditation or prayer to relief stress and anxiety.

During a hand building class, this spring in Steelville, Missouri, at Ozark Art and Insight, the participants felt calm and relaxed. They wanted the class to continue longer than six weeks. Jamie taught his students how to harvest, process and build with clay. The group also had the opportunity to wood fire their own work. We need no industrial technology to create art work. Through art anyone can feel a since of renewed energy.

Jamie draws his audience attention to an older pattern, form and story. The work is melding contemporary ideas with traditional technique. The work takes the visual spectrum of the natural world and breaks the images down into archetypal symbols. This process is not destructive, The symbols created give a strong foundation for the heart. These patterns have the ability to inspire life, thoughts and conversation. What do you see in these patterns?

Jamie’s vessels convey the intention of gathering and storing the good in the world and restoring faith at a deeper level. That is what the old pottery did for community. We can unlock this key once again. Life naturally wants to keep going. How can we restore a deeper faith in community and sustainability in our own lives? If we understand life’s design, we can live a holistic and happy life. We can learn not to fight life and start living it. We can learn how to connect to something greater than ourselves once again.

Once again the circle of time, space and season begin. What will we notice this time around? What will inspire us?

This spring of May, 2017, on Saturday, the 13th Turtle Earth Healing and Arts will present, Honor The Mother (Pottery from the Earth) a ceramic show featuring exceptional ceramic artist.

Visit Jamie Zane Smith’s website at If you would like to contact him, email at

Slippery Elm Ulmus Fava

Historic Tree in the Ozark

Slippery Elm Ulmus fava

Slippery Elm can be identified by its bark, alternating branches and big hairy buds. This tree is the first to bloom and go to seed in the spring. Slippery elm likes to grow in the bottom lands or in moist soil. This tree has been used throughout history for burns, boils, indigestion, ulcers, cancers and much more. It is one of four herbs used in the famous Essiac formula. This formula is taken by many cancer patients still today. Most Ozark old timers have a story of the slippery elm tree.

Slippery elm was used with sassafras bark and root to create a powerful tea/gruel for civil war soldiers. These soldiers would live off the gruel when in the field for up to 13 days. These soldiers reported feeling energetic.  Today many people use the inner bark of the slippery elm for severe intestinal issues, like crohns and irritable bowel syndrome.

I tend to gather young branches or small trees. The inner bark can be pounded, carved or draw knifed off the branch. I like to put a handful into a gallon of water and let simmer in a covered pot for 15 minutes. I let it sit overnight, strain and enjoy the next day. Sometimes it is nice to add sassafras, maple syrup or vanilla extract. It is so easy for our bodies to dry out in the winter. Slippery elm bark is the perfect mucous membrane protector. What medicinal plants do you have growing near you?

Look for these amazing blossoms is early spring!! The seed pods are yellowish green and are edible. Enjoy!!1

Find out more about local Ozark edibles and medicinal plants at Turtle Earth Healing and Arts. (112 West Main Street, Steelville, MO)

Turtle Earth Herbal “CSH” and Tea Tasting Society




Support local herbalism and enjoy a season of learning, sharing and tasting herbal teas. Learn about the bounty of plants on this Earth and how to use them in your daily life. Reach ultimate health and awareness this year. Take part in our life changing journey and become part of the Turtle Earth Tea Tasting Society today. We have options that will work for all. May 2017 be the best year yet for you and your family!

TURTLE EARTH TEA TASTING SOCIETY Be a part of a monthly herbal tea subscription and have a tea blend sent to your home with information to guide you into  a new life using loose leaf teas for health, wellness, and enjoyment.

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This seasonal one time package can be sent to your home or picked up at Turtle Earth Store in Steelville, Missouri. This package will contain herbs and herbal products with information on how to use them. You choose what quarter you want to receive this package.$ 50.00 a basket

(Pick-ups will get to enjoy fresh herbs in season. All mailed baskets will contain dried herbs for mailing convenience).


Four baskets, one for every season.  After a full year a person will have a complete herbal first aid kit and a starter family medicine chest with handouts on all items. Plus coupons for discounts on workshops, lectures, and in store specials. COST- $180.00 a YEAR.


This package deal will include Four seasonal packages as above and a personal herb walk by Colleen Smith (herbalist, horticulturist and land romper) you do not have to have a large piece of land to find edible and medicinal plants, they are everywhere! Total cost – $300.00 for a year.




This package includes

Four seasonal packages, a personal herb walk/party by Colleen Smith and a wildly organic meal prepared for you and three others by Colleen Smith .Also, free admission to any workshop at Turtle Earth hosted by Colleen Smith for the whole year of 2017. Cost- $500.00

Sign up by phone or Email for ultimate communication. There is limited availability for these unique offers. Sign up this January to receive your free gift of appreciation and love.


Colleen Smith

10521 old HWY C








lets have tea 002 copy


We are never really alone! There are tiny living organisms floating around in the water in the air, and entering our body. These life forms include yeast, bacteria, fungi and viruses. These living things are causing change one way or another. Some are beneficial to our very survival and some can be the death of us. These strains of living “floaties” have been around since the beginning of time and can adapt to change better than most other life on this planet. These micobes also can lay dormant for hundreds of years.

Its also the craze. Folks are spending a fortune on the latest pro-biotic for better digestion, better hair, better LIFE. Looking at all the array of choices can be overwhelming. The studies are out. We need these good bacterias and yeast. With out them, the bad guys take over. It is true. We have our own sci-fi movie in our intestines. May the forces be with you!! Are those forces unseen “living floaties?” All this time, I was expecting something different.

Cultures all over the world knew the benefits of raw, fermented, and living foods before the word “scientist” ever existed. People have been using fermented food and drinks in their daily life for generations. Ceremonies were created just to bring the good guys into the food. Now-a-days everything is pasteurized, sterilized and package in poly with anti bacterial lotion oozing everywhere. We have to eat life to be life. Life is not sterile and it never will be. How can we stop the war on bacteria and respect what it has to offer?


I would like to invite you to my kitchen, where I have a gallon of sauerkraut fermenting. This is my cheep ticket to beneficial bacteria. (Cabbage, salt, less than $4.00 on sale) After four weeks, this condiment can be eaten. Sauerkraut can contain up to ten different strains of Lactobacillus, the healthy bacteria. Raw cabbage is great and when turned into sauerkraut, the nutritional value increases triple. If S.K. is canned and heated, all the bacteria and enzymes are killed. Canned S.K. still contains vitamins and nutrients but it is not the super food that it was before heating.

Eating a Tablespoon of Kraut daily can rebuild healthy gut flora, improve digestion and bloat and cleanse toxins out of our system. This magic spoon full-O-life can aid in weight loss and control cravings. It can boost immunity and increase energy. Vitamin C,B,U, and omega 3s are multiplying with age in raw Sauerkraut. Taking vitamins in this form makes it easy for the body to absorb and use. A substance called isothiocyanates are produced by fermentation. This material can prohibit cancerous growth. The glucosinolates in S.K. activates the body’s natural antioxidant enzymes. Studies have shown that this natural process can help heal artery walls from oxidation damage.  Regaining faith in beneficial bacteria could make a difference in our over all health and wellness. Eating live foods can even help with brain function!! Lets lose the fear of the unseen and make some kraut!

1 head of Cabbage cored and shredded

5-7 Table spoons of  Sea salt

1 Large Mason jar

Layer shredded cabbage and salt, pound with a wooden spoon until juices come to the top. The cabbage needs to be below at least 1 inch of  juices. Keep pounding!!! Optional- Add some olive oil to the top to keep oxygen from entering. I use a food processor for the shredding process. Some believe it has got to be done by hand shredding. Experiment to find your preference. Cover with cloth and let sit.  After 4 weeks, start eating. I usually take the very top layer out. It will mature in flavor for 6 months. Keep in cool storage.  Clue in! Never eat mold, slim or funky coloring. Throw to the compost and start over.

Colleen Smith                                                                                                                    

Catnip, A purrr-fect Herbal Ally

Catnip nepeta cataria catnip 002 copy

It is January now and we are in the thick of winter. Although, we haven’t had it that thick yet. I am amazed by the strength of catnip in my garden this winter. The leaves are still very green. Folks seem to laugh when I talk about using catnip tea, as if its a joke. Since it is called catnip isn’t for the cats? Why would humans use something that make most felines silly?

Catnip originated in Eurasia and has been used for over 2,000 years. This plant was brought to America by the early settlers and has naturalized in many parts of the country. I got a chance to visit one of these wild nepeta stands in The White Mountains of Arizona. This plant is truly a gift and a hardy perennial for this Ozark area.

I have recently made a tea blend called Clarity. Clarity is a blend of rosemary, holy basil, ginger,lemon peel and catnip. Catnip is a mild sedative in this tea. Sometimes a person needs to calm down enough to think clearly. Catnip has been used in simular tea formulations for children with ADHD. Catnip has been used with fennel seed for gas, colic and female cramping for many moons. Most midwifes are aware of this and recommend this for infants who are colicky and restless. Catnip has stood the test of time for generations of families. Why should we let the cats have it all?

Catnip has also been used for lung congestion by acting as a mild sedative and expectorant.  Catnip can be smoked with mullein leaf to loosen stuck mucus in the case of an unproductive cough. I have blended a smoke blend with catnip, mullein and wild hops for people who are trying to ween off nicotine cigarettes. The idea is to mix the herbs with tobacco and slowly stop adding the tobacco altogether.  This could be considered a six week plan. I am waiting for feed back on progress.

Nepetalactone is the volatile oil that is said to repel mice, mosquito and other bothersome insects. A report said nepeta oil is ten times more effective than deet. It may also be useful for bobcat and mountain lion viewing. (joke) This oil is also antibacterial and has been used for sinuses and inner ear congestion. Essential oils should not be ingested internally. This oil is made by the distillation process and is very potent. This oil can be bought at Cheryl’s Herbs in St.Louis.

Putting all medicinal benefits aside, catnip makes an amazing border plant in any cottage garden. This perennial can get three feet wide and tall. The white flowers are showy in June. The flowers also hold up well in a vase arrangement. The honey bees seem to enjoy harvesting from these plants as well.  I can usually harvest twice a year from each plant. This plant deserves a place in any garden and respect as an important medicinal. I will have plants starts this spring for fellow merry gardeners. Be well this winter!!

Root Teas and Inspiration

lets have tea 002 copy

Drawing by Colleen Smith. Digitally rendered by Jamie Zane Smith

The Moon is close and The Sun far.

The plants are rooted in the Earth in an intense way.

I’ve been enjoying a cup of root tea. Drinking root tea is like tasting the Earth.

Burdock, Chicory, Ginger, Marshmallow, Yellow dock, Violet root, and Sassafras; all harvested for winter healing and delight!

Going inward like the roots.

It is the time for dreaming and stories.

I love using Jamie’s wood fired tea bowl. It really is the only material object I absolutely adore.

Tea from the Earth in a vessel made of Earth.

Many blessings! Try some tea today. Enjoy life and breath!


Simmer root teas in a covered pan for 15-20 minutes for medicinal qualities.


Echinacea purpurea. Dug, washed and ready for medicinal use.

tea blends of the thyme

I just made some new tea blends. Some folks sampled and bought some at our December house show.

The first tea I call Be Well Tea. This tea is a blend of Marshmallow, cinnamon, nettles, Raspberry, ginger. I made this tea for myself during nursing my third child.  This tea is full of micro nutrients and vitamins. This tea aids in moistening and toning our organs. This tea is used by my children as well.  The wood nettles are especially high in iron and protein. People use it for growing strong nails and hair. When our organs are toned and our bodies are getting proper nutrients, we can thrive, cleanse and be calm. With proper nutrients our bodies can ward off sickness and just be well.

I also made Clarity tea. This tea blend has holy basil,lemon balm and catnip grown from our organic garden. The tea also contains organic rosemary. When I drink this tea, I feel calm enough to think clear and focus. It seems to help with stress and anxiety. Both my husband and I like this tea and enjoy drinking it in the evening while talking of our plans for the future.

The last tea blend I called Ozark Immuno. This is a simple blend of Holy basil and Siberian ginseng( Eluthuro). After reading Healing Limes by Steven Buhner I am inspired to use more adaptagenic herbs to help my body with invaders. According to Buhner’s book, people who use Siberian ginseng can prevent infection from limes disease and other tick related sicknesses. Living in The Ozarks, we will do what we can to strengthen our immune systems against these tiny predators.

As an herbalist, I can not say that herbs heal. As a mother, I do like to share what works for our family.

Many blessings in 2015!!!